Snippets from in-world bulletin boards

-Left-click on the beach ball, hold the button down, and slowly roll the mouse to drag it around.
-To move it up and down, hold the Ctrl key while dragging.

-Right-click on yourself. Select “Appearance…”
-Click the “Shape” tab to edit your body shape.
-Click the “Body” button. Now try moving the “Height” and “Thickness” sliders. Neat, huh?
-Click the “Nose” button and try moving the “Nose Size” and “Nose Thickness” sliders. How about that!
-Try some of the other buttons and sliders. Click “Randomize” for a whole new look!
-If you don’t like what you got, click “Revert” to go back to your original look.
-If you like what you see, click “Save As...” and choose a name for your new shape.

Remember that you can change your appearance anytime, as often as you want, for free -- so don’t worry if everything isn’t perfect. Move on any time you’re ready.

(NOTE: You can also get to the appearance window by clicking on “Edit” in the menu bar and selecting “Appearance...”)

Contacting someone thru SL that you know in FL is as complex as the problem I pose and solve with the ‘introducer’ in this note. That algorithm is complex enough that two bugs were found after I put it on the net. I don’t recommend trying to implement it in SL at least yet.