This publication is intended to be used as a supplement to that portion of IBM System/370 Principles of Operation (IBM Corporation, Order Number GA22-7000) which describes the non-privileged architecture.

The combined information provides a detailed reference definition of the lowest level functions perceived by a program executing on KeyKOS.

KeyKOS provides a secure, fault-tolerant environment for operating system and application function. By design, the kernel of KeyKOS is at a level of abstraction which allows description (and, if desired, implementation) at a level usually associated with machine architectures.

This publication describes each function at the level of detail required to use that function in a machine language program. It does not describe the notation and conventions that must be employed in preparing such a program. That information is available in the appropriate language publication.

The information in this document is intended for use by all programmers who want to use KeyKOS functions. There is sufficient detail to meet the needs of the assembly language programmer.

This publication is written as a reference document, and should not be considered an introduction or a textbook for KeyKOS. Other Key Logic publications of an introductory nature (for example, Introduction to KeyKOS Concepts (KL004), and KeyKOS Architecture (KL028)) are available.

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