Some of my Ideas

This is my proposal for a commercial data storage service.

Perhaps the DataBank, as described here, can help to solve a security problem identified in the application of Java applets. Here’s how: Confined yet Distributed Systems

Hash as URN; A Versioning Web Server

Technical Disclosures for Patent protection. Also provides a service to find nearly identical files.

How to find differences between remote files without transmitting them first.

Thoughts on maintaining a web site.

Obsolete Data Formats

Spanning economic catastrophies

Objects built upon Tahoe

Other People’s Ideas

The Tahoe technology is so far without liability, I think. Here is a plan.
Reverse Delta
Here are some current backup services. A Storage Standards Group.
This is an early design for a Multics file system. It displays the milieu which preceded the Unix design.
A complementary service to prove that this data existed back then, (Digital Notary)
Online Backup Services
The Eternity Service
Storage Network Industry Association; Fiber Channel Association
IBM’s Seascape
I have friends working at All my data. I should find out what they are up to!
The film industry worries about this.
This organization claims to make permanent identifiers from immutable documents.
A thesis examining these problems, and proposals