The Alleged Type

There is a conventional standard order code on Keykos objects. The numeric order code is 0x80000000 which is symbolized most places as “kt”. It asks the object roughly what it would like to be seen as. There is a documented list of types. There is of course no guarantee of the truthfulness of the response from a newly acquired key unless you trust whoever handed it to you, in which case you need not ask the object. The objects that we implemented did not change their internal state upon such a query, but that also is a mere convention.

You may have authenticated access to the creator of the object that you wonder about. The alleged type clue may send you to the correct creator which is not itself a type. If object O says it is a “Fresh segment”, O(kt) => 0x50F, then you can consult the public key FSC, sending it O and it will say yes or no. (It seems the manual does not give that order on FSC. That may be an oversight or we may indeed not have added that code while we still had access to the Augment system.) The standardized creator, the factory, does provide this service. Under broad circumstances an authoritative answer can be had via the brand which ultimately uses the domain tool logic in the kernel.