General thoughts on Checkpoints

Sometimes “Rollback-Recovery”

The Checkpoint Mechanism in KeyKOS, a published paper and Design Evolution of the EROS Single-Level Store for the later EROS version.
Checkpoints, Persistence and the Single Level Store
The impact of persistent memory
To write: vetting a mature system.
I/O Devices
Contrast with Windows checkpoint
Thoughts on Light Cone Checkpoints
Continuous Offsite Checkpoints
As a Keykos kernel feature
Teaching in Patent
The secretary ameliorates some real and perceived problems with persistence.

Checkpoints and RAID

Kernel Implementation Details

Role in Architecture
Role within Keykos
Role in Abstraction Layering
Keykos and SSD

Queue logic
For the 88K
With Kernel Integrity
Tape Checkpoint as Rabbit
Technique for Load Shifting

Broader Notions.