Skype is presumably the most popular way to use Internet for private voice and video communications. It would be nice if there were such a program whose source was public but I understand the business logic of such proprietary programs.

We consider here how such a program could be installed on a Keykos like platform that was equipped with an API enough like Windows or Mac to gain the main Skype benefits without the need to trust the Skype implementers or the current operators of the Skype service.

Theory of Skype Operation

When you launch the Skype application it contacts some central server and informs you who is likewise connected. These are the people with whom you can initiate a Skype session without an out of band summons of the counterparty. You likewise become accessible to people Skyping you.

When a Skype call is initiated each end is provided with the IP address of the other end, as well as a port number there. The data of the conversation flows directly between the two ends.

In Keykos Skype would have normal network access during such idle time. It would have access to files that it has created in previous sessions. It has access to time information. It has access to its window and the ability to make the phone ring. It has access to keyboard and mouse input that is pertinent its window. (For instance it could read only that clipboard content at the time of clicks within the window.)