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General Crypto Lore
Platform Perils of Crypto
A cipher protocol for Garage Door Openers
A Cash Card Protocol; Digital Money Hazards; BitCoin; The DAO
Shamir Secret Sharing
Description of Zero Knowledge Proof
Noise Bonding (phone shaking)
Informant Protocol
Message Digest Scare
Perspectives on Public Key crypto: 1, 2
PKI vulnerabilities
The use of Identity
Certificates should relate to Character, not identity.
Notes on Extended Validation Certificates
Macintosh Certs
The pinned URL escape from X509.
Fingerprint in Domain Name
SSL & Certs; YURL
Notes on Elliptic Curve Crypto
Remembering Private Keys
Nascent Crypto Glossary
Notes on Shamir’s machines, TWINKLE and TWIRL
Possible real platforms for a high value signature machine
Some DSA code
Quality of Random Numbers
Proposed Copy Protection Standards
Capabilities with Symmetric Crypto
Crypto Keys as Capabilities
RSA Nexus
Scheme code to find primes (better)
My notes on Identity-Based Encryption
Public keys as Names, too.
Diffie-Hellman Public Keys, http?
Discarding Public Keys
Contested identity
Duress Password for Online Banking
Password Entropy
Trusting my Bank’s Crypto
Cookies are bad
RC4 Fast code for PPC, Scheme, Algol 68, Spritz;
“Broken” is not binary!
A PRNG but without collisions
The Daily Nonce
Evading the Blockers
Cell secrecy
Covert signals are old.
Thwart covert channel for public key op.

Message Authentication:
2014 Perspective on message authentication: I have little confidence in the following notes. Too often it is vague what the attacker can read or write. The published attacks are subtle and devious.

Stuff below the line is unstable.
Half baked comments on mixing crypto & comm link error protocols
Fast Key Agreement