On 2007 Dec 2, 15:26 I extracted the MD5 hash 3D515DEAD7AA16560ABA3E9DF05CBC80 from this site where claim was then made that a file will be revealed after the 2008 US elections giving the election result.
NSA Technical Journal
Ed25519, BW fast signatures
Nexi: Yahoo on Crypto; Many Links; Geschonneck; IPSEC; DSS-DSA; NSA;
Web Authorization analysis
SSL - TLS(SSL 3.0 Specification; OpenSSL; Apache;)
PGP[ PGPfone; the Company], GPG, Froomkin on Anonymity; Weidai; GSM-A5; Ægean Press; Quantum; Elliptic Curve Crypto; Colossus; Schneier’s News Letter; Identity Based Encryption
PKI (Public Key Infrastructure): Public PGP keys at PGP; SPKI; SDSI; MCG; Netscape and Certs; Googler
Politics: New York Times Archives; EFF; European group; OffShore; Steptoe & Johnson; Crypto Law Survey; Canadian Law; CRISES; Risks of Key Recovery ...; Cyber Conflict; cyphernomicon;
Cryptanalysis:recent; Brute DES; Kocher’s Timing Attack; Cracking DVD; ECC Challenge
Hashes: RIPEMD; SHA;
Cypherpunks; Tonga branch
Companies: RSA, Certicom, SafeNet, SSH(Secure Shell), GPG;
Anonymous Remailers; X9 Home page
Cold Boot Attacks on Encryption Keys
Secret Ballots
Commercial Merkle Trees
2001; breaking AES
It Wasn’t All Magic: The Early Struggle to Automate Cryptanalysis, 1930s - 1960s
Public Key Clouds, paper?
TOR, Ibis (Anonymous Twitter input, with latency)
Factoring circa 1999 (email from Herman J.J. te Riele)
common factor public key (don't reuse primes)
Simple TLS
Important crypto war rundown as of 2015
Good info on WW II machines
Marlinspike’s “Whisper Systems”

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