This is my “notebook” that I started just after the some meetings with Engelbart and his friends pursuing support of open software. The date was 199x. These are fragmentary thoughts that were stimulated by those meetings.

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How do you bring legacy code into the world of hypertext hierarchy and links?
The friendly compiler (This is not peculiar to open source.)
The tentative compiler
Links bearing on distributed development.
My bias on documentation.
Distributed Web Authoring Proposal
The Mozilla (Netscape) Sources (Big step for me—Small step for mankind)
Hypertext code viewing from the Linux community. Good informal description of function!
Linux Sources in this form
Thoughts on versions of software.
JavaDoc; JavaDoc 1.2
Mapping Java Syntax to Augment trees
The Xanadu Legacy
The proprietary trap
Some pointers to information on digital video formats.
Hypermail thoughts
Capturing the Stanford Colloquium Material; notes
Two experiments with collapsible html:

My potential contributions