The optimist proclaims that we live in the best of all possible worlds; and the pessimist fears this is true.

Something on pollution policy.
Thoughts on the 2008 financial crisis
Krugman on European Crisis
Financial Regulation
Information: Supply & Demand
Auctioning Diverse goods
The flip side of the 2nd price auction
Price Discrimination
The Price of Power
Bus fare and Concave Utility
Money; Beginnings of Money
Cell Phone Money in Africa
Jana African Crowd Sourcing; Other Crowd Sourcing
Dreams of the Digital Silk Road (DSR)
Digital Money
Paying for Shared Data in a Computer
Contracts for storing data
Argument for Open Data
Registered Contracts
Queuing Theory and stock Markets
Fast ‘Hebbian’ market trading.
Coase’s theory of the firm
Greater Fools
Service Levels, Roman aqueducts, service levels
Network Resources
Network Neutrality
Bidding for CPU Cycles in a Timesharing System
Admonitions vs. Incentives
Cheap Justice
Low transaction costs
An Automated Auction in ATM Network Bandwidth
Nature of Trust
Societal Values
Incentives, Entitlements and Copyrights
Minimum Wage
Basic Income?
Wealth and early trade
room and board
Evolutionary Capital
What is the economy?
Two Parables of Liquidity and Capital
Hayek note
Post Singularity Economics
Dueling Professional Views on HOV Lanes
prediction, information markets, idea futures
Heating Costs
Euphemisms for printing money
Cost of Health Care
Management Incentives
Feelings on DRM
Scarce Resources and exfiltration
Pay for News Retailing news
To Own a Number
A Product Reputation System
Carbon Tax Ideas

I find Bertrand Russell a clear thinker. I disagree with several of his conclusions in “In Praise of Idleness”. I find it a good exercise to track down his implicit assumptions with which I disagree.

Bits and Pieces

Bootstrapping a Reputation, Fast Trading?, The Income Gap, Making a Living, Shut down and Declare Victory

Some Economists I Follow:

David Friedman
Gregory Mankiw
Hal Varian
David Autor

Interesting web sites (external)

Lindsey and I share biases!
About Economics
I am a meterist
Development Research Institute
Kwedit payment system (Thams)
An interesting alternative to copyright
Noam Nisan
John Stuart Mill
Frédéric Bastiat

New Axelrod Results; Tit for Tat overthrown
Roughgarden’s Price of Anarchy paper
Shadows of comm prices
Frankston’s Turnpikes
Estimates of World GDP, One Million B.C. — Present; GDP??
Expensive Technical Journals
Stan O’neal of Merrill Lynch
Economic Freedom
Benjamin Franklin’s paper money notes
David Freidman’s The Machinery of Freedom
Nick Szabo argues that money preceded barter.
Zimbabwe Press
The Zero Marginal Cost Society


Pro, con

This piece from the Atlantic worries about the things that I do in 2011. I wish that some of the claims were better substantiated. On the other hand I have not had the time to follow any of the references.