During a stock market crash it may happen that the market is unable to open for lack of buyers, or more accurately, for lack of buyers who can make themselves known.

A lesson that I learned from paging logic for operating systems is that disk channels that can serve either to bring pages in or send them out, should be allocated to which ever activity tends to alleviate binds.

The application of this idea to the stock market might be to reserve some small number of access ports (phone lines, URLs etc.) to buyers. This insures that buyers in a market full of sellers will have access. Theoretically the converse applies and a few ports should be reserved for sellers for situations of panic buying.

Just as phone rotors associate many lines with one phone number, perhaps three phone numbers could be associated with one set of lines. One number would be the general number for both selling and buying but the other two numbers would be reserved respectively to buying and selling. The operator of the phone bank would somehow be able to influence which call is connected to a line of the rotor according to which number was used to access the rotor.

Perhaps this is done for large investors—I wouldn’t know. Perhaps it is enough to do it for large investors.