Computer Hardware Notes

The lines below with “History” describe machines built in the 60’s or earlier. (But see Paul Ceruzzi’s Digital Computers: History: Contemporary Systems, Mark Smotherman’s Selected Historical Computer Designs and Computing at Columbia Timeline, John McCarthy’s notes on Timesharing)
Futures: Ramp, Merrimac; My reaction to these
I kibitz on this project.

The uncomputer

Some Computer Division History History
Circuits for Division
Energy to Multiply History
Real numbers without floating point. History
Mini Computer Carry Logic History
Floating Point Semantics
Stretch & 6600 multiply
Floating multiply problem
Thoughts on Divide Semantics
I/O on a Strict Schedule. FireWire! IEEE 1394
Harvest History
Software Multiplexing
Theory of Core Memory History;
History of Memory Bus History
salt or DNA as memory medium
Flash Memory Thoughts and more
Split Cycle Memory History
Row Hammer
Spectre & Meltdown; Narrow Spectre Fix
Modern DDR4
Add to Memory
Clocks, Logic Levels, Latches
Johnniac History
Streams to and from Memory History
Hack to overcome a class of alias problems for RISC machines.
Reliable systems from unreliable components
Neural Net Fantasy
Hardware support for Protection History
Thoughts on segregating capabilities History
Buddy Capabilities?
Memory capabilities
Notes on the interrupt schemes of various machines History
The term “virtual address”, Small Address Hacks
The Classic Memory Map History
Reserved Address Plan for memory maps.
Maps in general
The Table Lookaside Buffer (TLB)
The Tiny Alice Memory Map
Machines mostly without RAM?
A trustable transparent computer
Ambidextrous machines (endian)

Innards, mostly Cray’s History
Notes on the 701 History
Documenting the 360 History
LARC CPU design, LARC I/O History
Early Graphics at Livermore History
Notes on an early description of Livermore’s Octopus History
I/O on early IBM computers History
Very short history of cabled I/O device architecture History
IBM’s Scientific 700 series (the boxes) History
Short Stretch Note History
Deterministic Replay; ACS packaging History
Obeying a Program
The registers of CPUs
ARM stuff
Variegated Opcodes
Notes on the MESI protocol for the Memory bus
Making zeros
A rebellious Computer Architecture
My notes on Ivan Sutherland’s Reincarnation Wheel parable.
Graphics with the GPU
Open Boot on the Mac
Accreting notes on IA64 (Intel)
Allocation of hardware time History
Allocation of storage to data
Big Storage
Discovered Instructions History
Exploiting the Overflow bit
Twinkle factoring hardware
Phase Addressed Radio Communication
Data Grouping in time and space History
Spectrum Analyzer Design
Turbo & Low Density codes
RFID hack
Emerging IO Technologies
Rambus note
Observations on booting
Using the virtual cache
Miscellaneous Cache Ideas
Asynchronous Purging
Hardware thread management
Seymour Cray’s interlocks History
Hubs, Bridges, Switches & Routers In Ethernet & internet ontology
Note on VMware
Checking Drum Addressing History
Forward Error Control by Disk Controllers History
DSL log
the Cloud
Virtual web site hosting
Printing at Livermore; Radiation Printer
Blue Gene Packaging
Virtual Hardware: Bochs, VirtualBox, QEMU, Virtual PC, VMWare
Explaining Abstractions

More outside computer stuff
Mac Keyboard magic
DC transformers:

The notion of Defense

External: Electronics
Preliminary discussion of the logical design of an electronic computing instrument
Notes on ACSConway’s Archive; History
Really simple hardware, Small Platforms
Cray 3 Hardware Reference Manual
The Mill
RISC-V, my notes, LowRisc, linuxgizmos, JS;
IBM AS 400
Floating Alternative

Cars: Prius
Gas Pipes