The draft standard enumerates several hundred words of Forth in alphabetic order and Forth books are out of print or at lest out of stock around Silicon Valley. The key words below are designed to be recognized by the reader who is yet unfamiliar with forth; thus "Define" for "CONSTANT". The Forth terms are logical but only after you have acquired the Forth gestalt.
Miscellaneous: Official beginning; Alphabetical list of words with references;
Loading and Storing (RAM)
Store; Load
Character: Store; Load
Add; Subtract, Multiply; Divide; Negate
and; or; xor; not; LEFT shift; Right shift
Define; Reference; Back out recent additions
Pure Stack Stuff
Pop; Dup
Print String
Explain word; Display Memory; What words are there?; Insert invocable machine code;
Openboot stuff
devalias is "show devices"