Particular programs; General Software Issues
External pointers for specific languages

Language Theory: Smith; Pierce
Wizards explaining Languages
Exploring Monads
The Languages I Use
Just what is Class anyway?
Sour Grapes on Inheritance
Exploring JavaScript: language features and Security
ECMA and JavaScript
Miscellaneous Java Programs & complaints
Memories of the first Fortran
Compiling code for nested procedures
Sour Grapes Languages in general
Globals, and Fluid Variables
Phrases in Natural Languages
Defining Languages
Scheme stuff
My scheme for Scheme modules
Proposed Error Semantics for Scheme
Sensory Scheme
The Things I don’t like about Scheme
A Bunch of Scheme Code
Early foray into Swift
The Lambda Calculus (Paean for λ)
Fat Pointers, Lexical Scoping Rationale
Data abstraction in Languages, generalities ??
The nature of Unions
Exceptions and Continuations
Ambiguous Grammars
Three way infix operators
Streaming Execution
Syntax of “const” in C; Algol68’a advantages
Nexus for Equality, put index.html
Notes on OCaml
Type Safe
Exploiting Extended Type Systems for SW Quality
Note on ‘Dependent Types’
Scopes & Types
Notes on Pict definition
Quest for dumb binary language
Big-step - Small-step Semantics
Using Scalable Vector Graphics, SVG; VP9
Server Side Includes, (SSI) in a web site server.
PostScript Suite
Custom code at Web Site: CGI
Trusting a Compiler

Languages and Capabilities