First off the reader should note that this author has studiously avoided designing any languages, thus making himself imune from the most obvious counter of listing what is wrong with my language, as I have none.

Indeed designing a language is very difficult; I once hoped that we would progress toward the correct universal language but have long since given up on that. It may turn out to be somewhat insular to maintain one’s sanity while designing a new language, for it seems that too many compromises are always necessary. Nonetheless it may be helpful to ennumerate some itches that I feel in using some of the languages that I use, or at least read about.

This is non-constructive criticism which is in bad repute. The best contributions to computer science are constructive. Tough Toe-Nails. I shall start in the middle. C++ has too many features. There are too many ways to declare and initialize things but that is a local problem.

Several years later (2009) I find that I have not developed this note.