Imagining S(3)
Philosophy of Proofs
Two unobvious yet trivial proofs.
Correctness of Fast Fourier Transform
Topology scraps
Besikovitch’s problem
Riemann programs
Tiling Constant Curvature Spaces with the Right Regular Pentagon, coordinates
Phone Cell Patterns
Tangents and Curvature
Bézier curves
The Affine Connection
The meaning of Rijkl
Symplectic Manifolds
Manifold in a Box
Projective Geometry fragments
Elementary Geometry on a Complex
Euclidean Geometry programs
Computing the Boundary of a Complex
Boundary Conditions for PDEs.
Barycentric coordinates
The Platonic Polytope (applet)
Area of Intersection of Polygons
Sliced Polytopes
Conventional Sphere Packing
The Simplex and its Angles
Angles between sub-spaces—Grassman stuff
Icosahedron & Dodecahedron
Topological link and induced current
Turing’s Knots
My take on formal systems; A Tiny bit of Model Theory
An axiomatic introduction to abstract vector spaces
Linear Transformations on vector spaces
Linear Differential Equations
Algebras over vector spaces, associative and not
Hilbert Space
There are c continuous functions and c points in Hilbert space.
Implicit Methods
Implicit Mesh Code, Sparse linear solutions
The Alias Alibi distinction
Content of the n dimensional ball
Volume of some Compact Lie Groups
Generating random orthogonal matrices
Axioms for Groups
Code for Fields in a computer, matrix inversion.
Special Matrices and their Spectrum
Unimodular Matrices
Code for eigenvalues and eigenvectors.
Elementary questions about integration on the complex plane.
Experimental Quaternions and Octonions and general division algebras
Computational Clifford Algebras and Hypercomplex numbers
Polynomial Roots
Incomplete Multivariate polynomials
Rank and reduced row echelon form
Rational Gram Schmidt, Orthogonal sub-spaces and intersection of sub-spaces
Code for determinants (C, OCaml, Algol68)
A numerical coincidence?
A glimpse at p-adic numbers
Order Types
Dedekind cuts of partial orderings
See Math Connection in here
Type equivalence, Infinite trees, Anti Foundation set theory
Axioms for Sets, Intersections of Sets of Sets
Completeness of Predicate Calculus
Note on minimal coverings
A Functional Equation
Constructing a Brownian Function
Applied Lambda Calculus
A general recursive function
Some Bayesian statistics and Likelihood note.
Factoring with the Quadratic Sieve
Finding Primes
Counting constrained bit arrays
Stationary Boolean Patterns
Logical quantification
Critical Density of Links
Covariant and Contravariant; Tensors and Types
Computing π; Computing e; π & e in various radixes
Distribution of continued fraction terms
Correlation is not transitive.
Summing a slowly convergent series
Finding foci of an ellipse
Elliptic Curve
The Ergodic(?) Folium
Dividing an irregular Pizza
Simple trigonometry proof
bent beams[with pictures, with Runga-Kutta precision]
Decoding obscure symbols.
Symbols that I use
Equality or not
Compressive Sensing
Relations and Graphs
Arithmetic coding, set display, etc.
Notions of Patterns
New Foundations (HoTT)
Formulae in html context
PET scan
External Math and Physics Pointers


Relativity section

Kinetic energy
19th century origins of stress-energy tensor
Banach Area & Crystals
Bug in Banach Crystals Idea
Floating Cube; density ½ Cube floats corner up;
Cube’s gravity, Spinning Blob
Efficient Hydraulics
Lab Electricity Delta Puzzle
Wooden Puzzles
Gravitational Assembly Energy
Accretion Rings
Cold Neutrinos as Dark Matter
Down on Inflation
Solution to Potential using ∞ virtual Charges
The Structure of Diamond and ice
Maxwell’s Light
Probability Nexus
Lambertian Reflection
Notes on Tegmark’s TOE
1D Hydro Dynamics Code (shock wave)
2D minimalistic Isothermal Hydro
3D Elasto Dynamics Code
Cauchy momentum equation
Landau’s superfluid notion
Idea for ultra high resolution radio interferometry
Six Axis Stress Gauge and Virtual touchy-feely
Plucked String (Fourier Series)
Fourier Transform of image
Tumbling rigid body and general moments
Physical Libration
The Lagrange Points
Lagrange Interpolation
Close Encounters (orbits, three body)
Yet another Digital Orrery
New Planet?
compound pendulum using Lagrangian logic
Short note on the Hamiltonian
Fizzy Drinks
Devising a time signal
Time dilation in Gravity Well
Quantum Computers
Gaussian quantum particle
Einstein Podolski Rosen Paradox
A bit of QED
SU(3) and quarks
circular polarization
pretty circle
Notes on Particle Spin


Crazy Connections concerning Simultaneous Alternatives
Edge of Chaos and Economics
Things are as they are because they were as they were.
Logic, Evolution, Math etc.
Temporal Logic
Connection between logic and λ calculus
Nested Sets