I write this note as I find that I need this program in another context.

This version of the code reads data from binary files and makes a .jpg file for each binary file. The input files are named “trailA”, “trailB”, … “trailP”. The program normally ends when it cannot find the next file in this sequence.

A binary input file is a sequence of 5 byte values, ‘CXXYY’. Each of these produces a point against a black background.

0 ≤ C ≤ 3.
0turquoise point
1magenta point
2yellow point
3small numbered white oval

X and Y are big endian 16 bit unsigned integers in units of one pixel.

The ‘small white ovals’ and numbered idiosyncratically and presumably of use only in the orbits application.

As of 2012 Mar 9; Mac OS X 10.7.3; Xcode 4.2.1: the purpose of r1.java is served in the orbit calculation as follows:

gcc p.c -Wmost -O3 -fnested-functions
javac r1.java
java Main
This produces the .png files displayed here but also produces temporary files a.out, Main.class, trailA, … trailH.