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Math Reference Project (nice proofs); S.O.S. Mathematics - Sites of Interest on the World Wide Web, Terence Tao, The Geometry Center; Plus Mag; Sporadic Groups; Automatic groups; Cylindric Algebras; Fermat numbers; MAA; Formal Methods (a nexus); Sowa’s thoughts; HAKMEM; Alejandro’s Math FAQ; Math html; Waveletts; Knots; Octonions; Kepler; Topos; Grid code; Primes; Inverse Symbolic Calculator; Runge Kutta, Duality, reciprocal latticies, Hilbert’s Problems; Riemann Hypothesis; Hyper-reals; Factor Analysis; Integrate-definite integrals; 4D Rubik’s Cube; Low diameter low degree graphs; E8; Sage; NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions; Intro and perspective on Category theory; Forcing—Continuum hypotheses; Tiling, too; MathOverflow; Polymath Blog; Gower’s Web Log; The New Infinite; “Homotopy Type Theory” (a book)

Marsaglia’s Ziggurat method for Normal Deviates; Stable Distributions; Fermat’s Last Theorem; etc.;
Tensor flow semantics

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Space Shuttle’s Topographic Data; La Science et l'hypothèse d’Henri Poincaré; Arthur C. Clarke’s “Space Elevator”; Science News; Physics Today; Perimeter Institute; Surface Tension; Numerical Relativity; NANOGrav; Fun numerical physics; Preprints; Temperature; Ab Initio quantum calculations; Notes by Penrose(!); Elaboration on Feynman’s book: QED; ’t Hooft; Sound
Gravity Probe; Tegmark’s TOE; Kauffman’s Origin of Volition; Newton’s Principia, too; Ephemeris; Elements; Magnetars; General Relativity calculation; Symmetry; the mag; Muller; Structure and Interpretation of Classical Mechanics; QM and see truncated URL! Structure and Interpretation of Classical Mechanics; Everett’s thesis; The Theory and Simulation of Relativistic Jet Formation

Ricci & Weyl tensors

Chicxulub simulation
Shape of Earth
Constructor Theory

Feynman Lectures

Atomic Bomb History; debris

QM quest

Dirac spinor; Dirac equation; Feynman Lectures
Science News: new science television network; UWTV, UCTV and ResearchChannel, Science Daily, SciVee; Science and Engineering Indicators 2008, Science News, James E. Hansen, Physics and machine learning, Almost Everything, introductory physics