Some differential (and discrete) geometry

Γ isn’t a tensor but an affine connection is!?
Considering the Event Horizon
Progress along a null geodesic?
Feeble connection to OS ideas
A crazy idea about Dark Matter
Constant acceleration and its Event Horizon
Geometry of Special Relativity
Big Bang in 1D & 3D
Lens Thirring Rotation
See Notes on Woit’s book and on Kennifick’s
Notes on quadrupoles
Queasy Space
finding a uniformly negatively curved 3 space in flat 4D space time
Summation Convention
Energy Conservation?
A classic asymmetric stress tensor?


sounds and pictures
Good black hole info, Energy Localization, Centennial review of G waves

Computing GR

External: Regge, T. “General relativity without coordinates”, Nuovo Cimento 19, 558−571
Visualizing Mesh Adaption Metric Tensors
Shape of electromagnetic field of moving electron.
Development of simplectic methods for the metrical and electromagnetic fields
Geodesics in Kerr space

Kerr−Newman metric
Computations for the Regge Calculus
Introduction to some running code
Notions and Names
Minkowski Problem
Fanciful Link between Relativity & Numerical Analysis
Fragmentary notes on strength of equations.
Cosmic String
Elementary Geometry on Simplicial Complexes

Some ideas for doing the Cauchy Problem

Tracing a Geodesic; geodesic inside zone
carrying a tensor across a facet
Boundary of Complex; Scaffold
Early Code Fragments
Making movies of the Simulation
Measuring Curvature
Unit Tests
System Tests
Grasping for Inflation

Einstein’s: “The Meaning of Relativity”, too; Relativity: The Special and General Theory; Baez on GR
Clark’s ‘Sacrificing Einstein’