DSL ISP providers via Covad

Covad sells hardware and service to ISPs who use DSL.
All of the notes below relate to the slowest ADSL which is all my phone line can provide. The higher speeds require a bit more money usually and better proximity to telco COs. Northpoint also sells DSL like Covad. The list below are those who partner with Covad in the Bay Area (San Fransicso). I suspect that they each have IP equipment (probably from Covad) in each of many telco central offices.

ASDL is typically 384 bits per sec towards the home and 128 or 144 bits per sec towards the ISP. Probably some of them offer web sites that I didn’t notice.

Verio, Filled out form
Brainstorm $85/mo
Flashcom $50/mo,
NetWizards $50/mo including web site
Internet Connect $89/mo includes web site (I think)
Firstworld Prices $60/mo + $20/mo for web site
MasterLink No special rates for residential $150/mo usage sensitive
Fastpoint Filled out form
DNAI $67/mo includes 50 MB web site, includes shell account
Tycho No prices yet for personal DSL
LMi.net $60/mo
Bay Area Internet Solutions $80/mo (provides web site & shell account?)

Other DSL providers

BayArea.net/PacBell $100/mo includes web site
Pac Bell promo $40/mo

Metanet also provides DSL service.