Here are other Norman Hardy’s that Google knew (circa 2005).

I am not an atomic veteran.
I did not establish a socker cup, nor have I any idea how to play cricket.
I am not of this clan, nor this, nor this, nor this, I think.
I am not a dentist.
I am not on the staff of Nottingham University.
I am no artist, neither comics, nor exotics nor an ethnic photographer.
I know little about the printing business.
I am neither of these two authors.
Nor am I the father of this bride.
Nor, certainly an English Priest.
Lets just say that I havn’t visited Finland yet.
I have established no scholarships in Australia or elsewhere.
I am not affiliated with this London group of professionals.
I am not a judge
I am not a NZ mountaineer
No I didn’t mean that—it wasn’t even me!!
I am not of the Labour party nor from Blackpool
I have no aboriginal Australian moccasins!
I have not traveled to Turkey.

The Hardy Norm is a mathematical abstraction invented by G. H. Hardy (no relation)