This is a mixed bag. Tagged categories are: Brain theory (br); Evolution (ev); Epistemology (ep); Philosophy (ph)

Several Subjective Observations (br)
Purpose of neuro feedback between cortex levels (br)
Initial reactions to Chris Adami’s talk.
Vague idea on learned parallel vision tricks (br)
Morphogenesis of Optic Nerve (br)
Evolution of the Brain (ev, br); Brain Faculties (br)
Creativity by Asimov (ev, br)
Rats and Linked Lists (br)
Theoretical Epistemology (ep)
Practical Epistemology (ep)
Information Perspective on Evolution (ev, br)
Emergent Phenomena (ph)
Math Intuition: [First Arithmetic; Gödel and Numbers]
Monkey see Monkey do?
Consciousness nexus
Searle and what Brains do (br, ph)
Penrose on Consciousness (br, ev, ph)
Human Brain Project (br)
Anticipation (br)
Brain Like Computer (br), more, more
Frame Cursor (br)

Cogitation (br)
Learning what others know (br, ev, ep)
Learning online
Evolution of Math (br, ev)
Group Selection (ev)
Fly’s Planning Horizon
Birds and Frogs (ep)
Overlooking the Obvious (br)
Material Implication
How-to vs. What-is (br, ev, ep)
Knowing what you know (br)
Distasteful Memories (br)
Early Prejudice (br, ep)
Kanerva’s notions of how brains remember (br)
Forming Memories (br)
Compressed Memories (br)
Frames, Concepts, Macros and Clichés (br)
Necker.html>Necker Concepts
fleeting thoughts
Intermittent incompetence (br)
Wiki then and now
Me and Social Site

Free Will (ph)
Brain Simulation (br)
Reductionism (ph)
Bottom Turtle
Complexity of Life
Patterns, Logic, Math, Epistemology, Evolution of thought

The Thing, Nothingness
Pete Holmes

Issues of Trust

Here is the main note on trust, but here is another note on how we come to believe things, which is very close to issues of trust. And then there are tall tales.
Trusting financial institutions
Also, is trust transitive?
On AI, too
Who is that? (nyms and reputations)
Crypto augmented


KLI Theory Lab
Philosophy: Stanford (ph)
Blum’s Site (br)
Norvig on Chomsky
Neural Nets
Deep Learning
computer teaching pupil models
The Symbol Grounding Problem
How We Think
Conditioned Reflex

Hierarchical Temporal Memory; Numenta