Once as I was driving I had a marvelous insight. It was not a solution to a problem but a fundamental perspective on something. I was 5 minutes from home and as I drove I turned the idea over and over in my head—organizing it. When I got home I went to my computer and turned on the power; it took about a minute to boot. As the computer was readying itself I tried to compose in my head what I would write but I could feel the idea becoming vague. When the editor was ready the subject matter had fled. Not a word came out—like writer’s block. I could not recall even the general topic.

It was like an idea that could not be put into words. All that was left was the memory that I had been considering this great idea as I was driving and that I was eager to write it down.

I conjecture that the idea was a right brain event and the computer and editor were left brain things — a virtual callosotomy.