Pixel Quest

I want pixel logic wherein I can write “plot(3, 5)” is some suitable language and see a point in a window on my screen a new small black point, a pixel, at the point whose coördinates Descartes would give as 3, 5.

I want this for two reasons:

I have a Mac and my first attempts were to consult the official specifications for writing Mac programs. After many hours I feel further from my goal than when I began. Apple works hard (for plausible reasons) to keep me away from pixels. About 10 years ago I managed to cheat Apple’s abstractions and reach the real pixel buffer with my 68000K assembler program. I miss my app but it is two ISA generations obsolete. I approve of strong abstractions. Apple’s abstractions are strong enough to keep me from the pixels, at least so far.

I ran into Gabriel Laddel who had his computer with him. I told him of my quest and in remarkably short order he demonstrated almost exactly what I wanted with his project described here. I have not tried to run that on my Mac but I plan to.