Some virtual offerings, circa 2002
Product nameCodeRequiresProvidesMultiplexnote
IBM Compatible PC (x86)R-PCManufacturerPCnoHardware
Microsoft WindowsWinPCWin-APIyes
Windows EmulatorWineUnix-APIWin-APIno(?)
Virtual PCVPCMac OSPCno
VM Ware/WVMWWin-API *1PCno
BochsC++ plat,PCno
QEMUQEMU Unixsystem (disks etc.)no
VM Ware/UVMWuUnixx86 server(?)no(?)
VM Ware/bmVMWbx86 server(?)x86 server(?)yes
Classic envClsMac OS XMac *2no
Product nameRequiresProvidesMultiplexnote
*1 VM Ware must also install special “drivers” which depend on the real underlying system.
*2 Apple does not tell how to get other code to run in the produced environment which is probably highly specialized for Mac OS 9.