Alfred Tarski Life and Logic

This marvelous book assumes considerable mathematical background which will scare off many. To those who are aware of the 20’th century meta math will probably find it hard to put down.

On page 96 there is a quote by B. Russell. Find an original. here.

I knew Tarski somewhat; he was gracious towards class auditors. I was impressed that he published papers in Polish, German, French and English. I had not known that his early education was in Russian. Those I knew best from that era were Bill Hanf, Professor Mates, and of course Dana Scott who was a teaching assistant who kept his section up on what was really going on in Math Logic. I knew the sad case of Richard Montague who I considered a friend. I felt I had a passing acquaintance with perhaps 60% of those mentioned in the book who visited California. I never met Wanda Szmielew. Roland Fraïssé was a room mate while Bob Vaught had the apartment next door.