Niall Ferguson’s “The Great Degeneration”

Ferguson rightly remarks on China’s remarkable progress. It is fast enough that we shall soon see if it can innovate. I grant that China is not the liberal democracy celebrated by Fukyama, but its progress has depended upon some of the western virtues that Fukyama noted.

Ferguson has led me to doubt some of my opinions on current U.S. financial regulation. I am not ready to switch.

His description of English common law is very interesting.

As I begin this section I record an idea that I want to test against his presentation: Thus some of the benefits of social capital show thru under the democracy heading.

Ferguson quoting Tocqueville on Americans:

I have to laugh when I come to Ferguson’s notes on public and private schools. This is because I was feeling a bit down about not being a joiner and Ferguson’s cogent support of such. I am suddenly partially relieved to agree at a gut level with Ferguson concerning schools.

My Own Thoughts

Here are some maxims that I consider for belief. They are influenced by the book. Even if I believed them they do not amount to a creed or plan, although they might guide such.