Glenn Greenwald’s “No Place to Hide”

L 74: Greenwald leans here toward cyber security thru law. He is a lawyer.

L 114: Greenwald worries about governments subverting the web. I agree but I worry almost as much about others subverting the web as well.

L 260: Deduction: Snowden thought then that Greenwald’s computer was safe.

L 384: Deduction: Perhaps undo previous deduction.

L 727: Culture: the loyal college graduate vs. the counter culture skeptical geek.

L 1818: Unfortunately Greenwald does not describe whether SkyDrive (MS Clout storage) or Skype do end-to-end crypto. Are the cloud bits encrypted and if so where is the key? Where are the keys to the Skype ciphertext traffic?

L 3352: Greenwald characterizes current American journalists primarily as insiders. I agree. I had not explicitly realized this, but I don’t dislike that fact as much as he does. I also agree that there is no neutral journalism. I am glad that Greenwald is a journalist. Snowden judged correctly that Greenwald would go the distance and if not Greenwald then someone else. The fourth estate has been mostly coöpted.

L 3540: The reactions of the governments of the US and UK convince me that they did not know what Snowden had delivered and were truly terrified. Snowden had very atypical access to data which normal logs would not reveal. I wonder whether Snowden delivered all that he could have.

Questions: Der Spiegel says that documents by NSA provided by Snowden specify which crypto systems NSA can read.

These Powerpoint Slides indicate that what can be broken is at a yet higher classification level.

I see two instances of the same pattern. The pattern is a collection of people and institutions with shared goals who trust each other to varying degrees. Two instances are:

It is a non-transitive weighted graph. It is even more complicated than that. The above cannot model such three way situations such as (U.S., Asad (in Syria), ISIL).

My Take

Information is today‘s jungle. Laws have a minor effect since reading other people’s mail is itself done in private. We may wish it were otherwise, but there are several “we”’s. Crypto provides a sort of effective law similar to what many want and sort of like what we had before electronics. The cost of crypto is being a smart geek or having a close friend who is a smart geek. A friend of a friend is not so good. Too you need a computer you can trust. Really talented geeks sometimes get crypto right. Crypto is for the few. Open source crypto might save the day sometime but the culture is not there yet. (Heartbleed) Open source must extend down to and into the hardware.