Old Documents

Alan Bomberger recently sent a big box of manuals and papers to Ann Hardy for consideration of the Computer History Museum. I agreed to write a short note on each of these to at least identify each of them and perhaps do a quick Internet search to see which of them are now online in some form. One possible goal is to digitize some of these. We should consult Bitsavers. Several of these documents involve Keykos or Gnosis.

Arpanet Directory, Defense Communications Agency, December 1979. Written with marker on front: “Engelbart”. This provides about 4000 entries each of which names a person, phone number, street address and organization. Also included are makes and models of computers attached to Arpanet. A shorter list of contacts and e-mail addresses is provided.

Introduction to the Augment Textbook; Preliminary Draft, Journal Number 71336. September 1, 1978
This appears to be a user manual to Engelbart’s Augment System (previously called NLS). There are eight subsections in this manual, each with page numbers starting at 1.
There is much textual overlap with this document.

Bourroughs B6700 Information Processing Systems Reference Manual
1972; Some detail on the instruction set. This has such information for closely related systems.

Proceedings of the 1986 IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy

History of Protection in Computer Systems, John D. Tangney, 15 July 1980
MITR report MTR-3999; Probably Here.

What Mother Never Told You About VM Service, A Tutorial
by Melinda Varian
This is a 110 page document with excellent advice on running IBM’s VM/370. It seems to provide clues that IBM’s documentation forgot to include. It seems not to be online. Should anyone try to resurrect VM/370 it would probably be invaluable.

Tenex Executive Manual, BB&N April 1973.
A manual for the PDP-10 time-sharing system. 117 pages. Much in common with this.

A 50 page section, printed by Tymshare, from this Feb 1978 edition.

The Total Computer Security Problem: An Overview, by K. S. Shankar of IBM
12 pages from “Computer” magazine. June 1977.

Traditional Capability Based Systems: An Analysis of their Ability to Meet the Trusted Computer Security Evaluation Criteria, V. D. Gligor et al
IDA Paper P-1935; It is here

TECO (for DEC System 10).
1975. TECO is an editor that echoes how one edited programs when it was seldom that the source text would fit in memory and even before there were random access IO devices—to edit a file on tape. This pattern was used in 1953 to edit programs for the Univac I. 70 pages, well printed but with some hand written expressions.

Multics Command Guide;
20 page précis of Multics command lore. Line printer, well printed. Not online.

Multics Quick Reference Guide, Ronda Henning, September 1985. 16 pages. not online.

Keykos Stuff


GO/370 Principles of Operation, February 1985
This document was written as a conceptual extension of IBM’s 370 Principles of Operation, just as the Keykos kernel was conceived as an extension of the 370 hardware. 110 pages. It is not online.

External Specifications of the Gnosis Kernel, June 4, 1977
It is an early edition of the Keykos manual produced via IBM’s Script markup language and printed on a contemporary IBM chain printer. OCR would have some trouble with it. It incorporates the change technology that I alluded to elsewhere. 120 pages.

Gnosis Kernel Manual, First Edition March 1980
Already in Augment and a predecessor to the kernel internals.

Gnosis Design Document, January 10, 1979. IBM Script markup, 182 pages, line printer output, some OCR problems. Has some kernel internals which were later relegated to kernal manual. (Hand written table of contents at the beginning)

Gnosis Design Document, April 26, 1978 IBM Script markup, 182 pages, line printer output, some OCR problems.

Gnosis Design Document, September 15, 1978

Gnosis Kernel Logic, 24 April 1986
Augment version. This is printed on the Xerox 9700 printer and probably better for OCR than a line printer.

Gnosis, External Specifications, March 1980.
Xerox 9700 output. 185 pages. This includes substantial information on logic provided outside the kernel.

Gnosis Document, Dale Jordan, March 20, 1972

KeyKOS Architecture: September 1985.
Precursor to this, but poorly printed.

KeyKOS Security: Proof oc Correctness, 1985
Various speculations on kernel properties relevant to the task of proving some kernel properties. 15 pages.

CICS 370 documentation. Mostly diagrams and tables. Some assembly listings. 250 pages. It describes internals for this technology perhaps.

An internal memo from Susan Rajunas noting that the directories of KeyKOS are neither necessary nor sufficient for the continued existence of the items in the directory. In Unix being in a directory is necessary and sufficient. Other interesting problems and KeyKOS pitfalls. 10 pages. January 15, 1986.

High Performance Transaction Processing: A New Approach, December 1985
5 pages. Not online.

The KeyKOS Nanokernel Architecture, Alan C. Bomberger et al.
20 pages: found here.

Gnosis Facilities without tears, January 1982
Line printer 68 pages.